Places to Visit Around Nagpur

Nagpur Tourist places in city 
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1 Deekshabhumi Deekshabhoomi is a sacred monument of Buddhism at the place where the architect of the Indian Constitution, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, went back to Buddhism with his about 600,000 followers on 14 October 1956. 1 Km
2 Sitabuldi Fort Sitabuldi Fort, site of the Battle of Sitabuldi in 1817, is located atop a hillock in central Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. The fort was built byMudhoji II Bhonsle, also known as Appa Sahib Bhosle, of the Kingdom of Nagpur 2 Km
3 Ambazari Lake Ambazari lake is situated near the Southwest border of Nagpur. It is one of the 11 lakes in Nagpur. It is the largest lake in the city. Nag River of Nagpur originates from this lake. This was built in the year 1870 under Bhonsle rule for supplying water to the city. Government officials and eminent people were supplied water through clay pipes 4.6 Km
4 Raman Science Centre The Raman Science Centre and Raman Planetarium Complex at Nagpur is an interactive science center affiliated with Mumbai’s Nehru Science Centre.[1]The centre was developed to promote a scientific attitude, portray the growth of science and technology and their applications in industry and human welfare, and hold science exhibits

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2.9 Km
5 MaharajBagh Zoo The zoo is located in the heart of the city and has been built on the garden of the Bhonsle and Maratha rulers of the city.[1] The zoo comes under the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) of India and is maintained by the Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth(PKV) of Nagpur. 1.5 Km
Nagpur Tourist Places ( Religious)
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1 Ganesh Tekdi Mandir Ganesh Tekdi mandir situated in fron of Railway station in nagpur, Devotees come across the places to visit Temple of Ganesh bhagwan son of Shankar bhagwan

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3.9 Km
2 TajBagh Shrine Of Tajuddin Baba was born in 1268 A.H.was a indian muslim Sufi master, He lived In Nagpur 7.8 Km

Nagpur Tourist places around City 
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1 Dragon Palace Temple Dragon Palace is originally Buddha Temple situated at Kamptee near Nagpur. A beautiful place to watch. You will find complete peace of mind and stress release. 19.4 Km
2 Ramdham Ram Dham is a spiritual and cultural amusement park nearby which indeed is a delightful place to visit. The main attraction at this site is the biggest OM of the World and folk dances, along with a magically charming puppet show. This place truly stands above others since it is genuinely original.

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49.9 Km
3 chicholi (Shantivan) The late Mrs. Gopikabai Bajirao. Thakre had donated 11.36 acre land in 1957 from 1957 to. 1984. This land was unproductive. The late Wamanrao Godbole. Dhamma Senani started some constructive on the level in 1985 and since then. He naned the entire donated area as ‘Shantivan’. The inspiration behind naming of the Shantivana. 25 Km

Nagpur Tourist places Wildlife 
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1 Umred Karhandala Wild Life Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary, about 58 km from Nagpur and 60  km from Bhandara spreed over Pauni Tahsil of Bhandara district and Umred, Kuhi and Bhivapur Taluka of Nagpur district.[1] This Sanctuary has also connection with Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve through forest alongWainganga river. The sanctuary is home to resident breeding tigers, herds of Gaur, wild dogs and also rare animals like flying squirrels, pangolins and honey badger. 56.2 Km
2 Tadoba Tiger Reserve Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in Chandrapur districtof Maharashtra state in central India. It is notable as Maharashtra’s oldest and largest national park. It is one of India’s 43 “Project Tiger” – tiger reserves. 152 Km
3 Pench National Park Pench National park, nestling in the lower southern reaches of the satpuda hills is named after Pench river, meandering through the park from north to south. It is located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh, bordering Maharashtra, in the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara.Pench National Park, comprising of 758 SQ Kms, out of which a core area of 299 sq km is the national park and and remaining 464 sq km is the buffer area. 168 Km
3 Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Nagzira wildlife sanctuary is located between Bhandara district andGondia district of Maharashtra at . Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is locked in the arms of nature and adorned with a picturesque landscape, luxuriant vegetation and serves as a living outdoor museum to explore and appreciate nature. This sanctuary has a number of fish, 34 species ofmammals, 166 species of birds, 36 species of reptiles and four species ofamphibians. The invertebrate fauna includes, besides a number ofinsects and ant species. Wild animals found here are the tiger, bison,sambar, nilgai, chital, wild boar, sloth bear, Barking Deer, Mouse Deerand wild dog. 120 Km
4 NaveGaon National Park Navegaon National Park is a national park located in the Gondia district of Maharashtra, India. Navegaon, a popular forest resort in the Vidarbha region, the easternmost part of Maharashtra, was built in the 18th century. The picturesque lake set amidst lush green hills at Navegaon, has a watch-tower beside it. One can get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding forest and marvel at the exciting wildlife from the watch-tower which consists of a deer park, 131 Km
5 Kanha Natioanal park Kanha Tiger Reserve, also called Kanha National Park, is one of the tiger reserves of India and the largest national park ofMadhya Pradesh, state in the heart of India. The present-day Kanha area was divided into two sanctuaries, Hallon and Banjar, of 250 and 300 km2 respectively. Kanha National Park was created on 1 June 1955 and in 1973 was made the Kanha Tiger Reserve. Today it stretches over an area of 940 km2 in the two districts Mandla and Balaghat. Together with a surrounding buffer zone of 1,067 km2 and the neighboring 110 km2 Phen Sanctuary it forms the Kanha Tiger Reserve.[1][2] This makes it the largest National Park in Central India. Kanha Tiger Reserve was ranked in the top 10 Famous Places for Tourists 253 Km

Nagpur Tourist Social Places 
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1 Anandvan  located around 5 kilometers from Warora in Chandrapur district in the state of Maharashtra, India, is an ashram of 465 hectares and a community rehabilitation centre which was mainly started for leprosy patients and the disabled from downtrodden sections of society. It was founded in 1952[1] by noted social activist Baba Amte. The project is run by the organisation Maharogi Seva Samiti. Two of its other projects areLok Biradari Prakalp and Somnath, a village for cured leprosy patients. 104 Km

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